The “path of life” in numerology (Dan Millman)

Tomorrow is my birthday. Since you liked my article on house numerology, I thought we’d talk about my life path today, as it is calculated according to the day of my birth.

I was born on 3/3/1974. In numerology, I am a 9. Why is that?
When you add 1+9+7+4 you get 21 and so 2+1 =3.
That makes 3+3+3 = 9.

But what I like in the book “The Life you were born to live” by Dan Millman (yes, the same one who wrote The Pacific Warrior), is that it’s not only the final number that counts: you can get a 9 in several ways: 8+1, 7+2, 6+3, 5+4… So far, you know what I mean, don’t you? But Dan tells us that the sum we’re going to simplify to get this final number counts as much as the result.
Because the intermediate number represents what we need to work on to achieve our life mission. This is what he calls “the birth numbers”.
I explain it all to you!

How to determine birth numbers

First, you need to write down all the numbers that make up your full date of birth in a row and add them up.
In my example: 0+3+0+3+1+9+7+4 = 27

The sum obtained must also be reduced.
In my example: 2+7 = 9, which is the final number.
This means that if you get 20 for example, you will make 2+0 = 2.

My birth number according to Dan Millman’s methodology is therefore 27/9.
The number on the right represents the main purpose of our life. The numbers on the left represent the energies we will have to face or encounter to achieve our life mission.

We can also obtain a number of 4 digits: 28/10, 38/11…

A common mistake is to add a number with the other digits instead of taking the 2 digits that make up the number.
For example, for a date of birth 10 June 1938, you take 10+0+6+1+9+3+8 = 37 instead of 1+0+0+6+1+9+3+8 = 28

Another mistake is to take 74 instead of 1974…

So you can see, the calculation method is not complicated but a careless mistake can happen quickly 😉

Let’s see now the characteristics of each life mission. Beware, no number has a monopoly on its quality. For example, it is not because you do not have a 1 in your birth number that you do not have creativity. It is just that you will have fewer obstacles to overcome in your creative work, and you will experience it in a less emotional way.


Characteristic of life missions

1 – Creativity and Confidence: people with 1 have a mission to bring creative energy to the world: writing, painting, music, dance, design… but also crafts, gardening, children, entrepreneurship… But for this creativity to express itself, it will be necessary to take risks, to dare to overcome the trends, so as not to block the energy. The energy of the 1 must find its outlet, and for this to happen, 1s must acquire unlimited confidence in themselves.

2 – Cooperation and Balance: People with a 2 life mission must learn to work with others harmoniously (without over-cooperation) but also to cooperate with themselves. The question of balance is therefore also of primary importance.

3 – Expression and Sensitivity: People whose final number is 3 become sensitive and express themselves in a positive and sincere way. Thus, it is likely that at the beginning, these people suffer from blocks of expression or hypersensitivity, since the mission is what we came to work on.

4 – Stability and Method: by following a methodical path, people whose life goal is 4 will achieve stability and security. Stability means first of all at the level of the self (inner stability) and at the level of their life (choosing a spouse, a job, having a fixed abode…). When their foundations are solid, they can then manifest stability in the world.

5 – Freedom and Discipline: The 5 will be able to find inner freedom through focus and depth of experience: autonomy and independence of action. They have a thirst for life and multiply their experiences.

6 – Vision and Acceptance: People with a life purpose of 6 are born to reconcile their ideals with reality, to accept themselves and others. They need to correct their perfectionism and their propensity to judge.

7 – Faith and Openness: 7’s have a mission to trust in the light to have faith in their own evolutionary process. They must learn to open up to others in order to offer their best to the world.

8 – Abundance and Power: 8’s are born to work for abundance, fame, leadership and to use their success for the common good. They will have to do this in spite of conflicting influences (fears, beliefs…) that push them to shun success.

9 – Integrity and Wisdom: People with a life mission of 9 are born to align their actions with their inner wisdom. They are leaders of men (in the pure sense) and must therefore be of the highest integrity because they set an example. They seek to be in accord with spiritual laws.

0 – Inner gifts: 0 has no specific purpose, it reveals inner gifts, latent resources. It tends to maximise the energies of the other numbers.

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How to use the birth number

I’ve explained each mission in 2 or 3 sentences, it’s quite reductive of course. Dan Millman’s book is 600 pages long, for each mission, you have in detail what needs to be worked on, and the obstacles you may encounter.

As I was saying, what counts is not only the number on the right (life mission) but the obstacles to be overcome (numbers on the left). I’ll give you the example of my own number, 27/9, so you can see how Dan Millman exploits this.

Those on the 27/9 path are there to resolve issues of balance of responsibility (2), faith in themselves (7) and integrity (9), to learn to put their faith in the Spirit and to bring their lives into line with the higher wisdom (9) of their heart.

The 7 indicates that they will have to resolve issues of mistrust and fear of being betrayed. They must stop worrying about what others think. They must learn to trust their own expertise as well as that of others. The 7 also shows that they tend to follow mental processes rather than letting their emotions, their heart, speak.

With the 2, enlightened people give meaning to their lives by supporting and contributing to the world. For those who are afraid of spirituality, faith will come in its own time as they have this need to be inspired by a higher wisdom.

Some famous 27/9:

  • Ray Charles
  • Harrison Ford
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Elvis Presley
  • Orson Welles
  • and me! 🤪

In the last part of the book, he gives the spiritual laws, and thus for each birth number, also indicates which laws are to be “worked on” (exercises to be done and applied in real life).
The 27/9 must for example integrate the following laws to obtain levers for life change:

  • the law of the superior will
  • the law of intuition
  • the law of faith
  • the law of flexibility
  • the law of non-judgement

As you can see, I love this book! I calculated the birth numbers of my husband, my children, my relatives, my friends… and the messages were each time very meaningful. It’s a great tool for personal development. I recommend it to you!

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