2023: Year of the Water Rabbit

The animal of the year 2023 will be the rabbit (or the hare). The celestial trunk of the year 2023 is Gui, i.e. Yin water, as opposed to 2022, the year of the Yang water Tiger.

There is a Chinese saying that “calm water flows for a long time”: this is a metaphor that encourages us not to worry in the event of a crisis or famine, because all we need to do is to find a watercourse, to be ingenious in exploiting it, to use the chi of the place, in order to face up to the difficulties.

Each year, the energies change and carry a different imprint from the year before. Sometimes they are more favourable to us (especially according to our Bazi theme), sometimes the year looks difficult… If this is the case, remember that it lasts only 12 months and that these energies are temporary. Life is made up of challenges, otherwise it wouldn’t be much fun!

New Year 2023 and Chinese calendar

This is my last article of the year 2022… but only according to the Gregorian calendar. Indeed, for the Chinese, whose calendar is luni-solar, the first day of the new year will take place on January 22, 2023, i.e. the day of the first new moon after the winter solstice. It will last until 9 February 2024.

This is the last year of period 8, as we will then enter the last period of the lower cycle, period 9. This is a big change for all feng shui experts, although the energies of period 9 are already present enough to be noticed.

Rabbit replaces tiger

As you know, an animal in the Chinese zodiac represents the year. There are 12 animals and therefore 12-year cycles. The Chinese consider that time is cyclical, with periods of time, with particular characteristics, which come and go. Thus, every event repeats itself and this is the basis of the I Ching.

I had told you in my article on the year 2022, the 2 legends around these 12 animals and the order in which they are supposed to have arrived at nirvana.

Whatever the legend, these animals do not represent constellations but rather the movement of the Chi of the earth expressed in periods (the famous Earth Branches of the bazi theme).

The Tiger is the first animal of spring, followed by the Rabbit (or Hare).
The Tiger was a symbol of strength, power and bravery. He was a charismatic and independent romantic. The Rabbit is fortunate, patient, generous, benevolent and affable. Hares are diplomatic and disciplined. Their refined and elegant side sometimes makes them a bit snobbish or conceited. They are good negotiators and have a quick mind.

So is the Rabbit nicer than the Tiger? Let’s just say that it will bring what 2022 lacked, a little less impulsiveness, more luck, peace and success! How nice is that?

The Year of the Rabbit is particularly favourable for the friendly signs: the Dog, the Goat and the Pig. The year will be more difficult for the Rooster!

Yin water replaces Yang water

In 2022, the Tiger was associated with Ren, the Yang water. In 2023, the Rabbit is associated with Gui, the Yin water. The element is the same but the polarity is different.

While Yang Water can be compared to an ocean, Yin Water is a fine rain, dew or mist. It gently nourishes life and helps to grow and reach one’s full potential. Of the 5 elements, Mistletoe is the most Yin, the most gentle. It loves novelty, new ideas and has a strong capacity to adapt.

The element of the year 2023 will help us to see things from new perspectives, to think “out of the box” as it is very creative and inspiring. But beware of its changeable side, it has a whirling side that can destabilise people who find it difficult to set a framework. If this is your case, bring an umbrella!

Forecast 2023 according to Master of the Day

I am used to analysing Bazi themes and these notions of elements and earth trunks speak to me a lot.
For feng shui, I will analyse the energies of 2023 with regard to the flying stars and the annual afflictions (article to come).
For Bazi, one of the first steps will be to check the impact of the year’s energies with the Master of the Day.

  • Fire Master of the Day Bing (yang) and Ding (yin): Water is the star influence of Fire MoJs. This will strengthen their leadership, it is the right year to show the world what they are worth.
  • Wooden Day Master Jia (yang) or Yi (yin): Water is the resource star of Wooden MoJs. It can help Jia to highlight what is important, and to strengthen their analytical skills and intuition. It will undoubtedly allow the Yi to diversify their sources of income in the year 2023, which will not lack opportunities. But to be successful, they will probably have to take up challenges and work hard.
  • Master of the Day Earth Wu (yang) and Ji (yin): Water is the star wealth of the Earth MoD. 2023 is the ideal time to make changes that will allow them to achieve all their goals. It is important to remain attentive so as not to miss out on possible opportunities.
  • Day Master Metal Geng (yang) and Xin (yin): Water is the Production star of Metal MoJs. A year of self-reflection for the Geng, 2023 will bring much help to the Xin. In any case, focus on the bright side.
  • Master of the Day Water Ren (Gui) and Gui (yin): Water is of course the companion star of Water MoJs. 2023 is a good year to expand your network and meet new people.

I wish you a nice New Year’s Eve, see you next (Gregorian) year!

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