My feng shui tips for attracting money

In the never-ending quest for financial prosperity, the connections between the subtle aspects of life and our material well-being are becoming increasingly apparent. Feng shui offers a bridge between cosmic energy and our daily financial lives. This age-old Chinese practice not only harmonizes spaces, but also creates an energetic balance conducive to prosperity.

Imagine an existence where every element of your environment actively contributes to the growth of your financial abundance. Feng Shui has many benefits, not least of which is its ability to transform the places we live in into catalysts of financial opportunity. How can the positioning of an object or the choice of colors impact the flow of money in our lives? Therein lies the mystery, and it’s this subtle connection that I’d like to explore in this article.

But before I begin, I wanted to point out that in the seemingly endless sea of Feng Shui advice on the web, it’s easy to get lost. Many articles offer outlandish advice, unsubstantiated superstitions and miraculous promises that may sound tempting but often lack foundation. In any case, they’re not based on any principles of traditional Feng Shui.

However, before diving into the world of Feng Shui to attract money, it’s essential to adopt an enlightened approach. Discernment and turning to reliable, authentic sources is the key to avoiding falling into the trap of dubious practices. If the only risk was to have no impact, everything would be fine. But I’ve seen articles recommending that water be placed in rooms, without any further indication that yang water is a powerful remedy or activator for natal and annual flying stars. This water could awaken unfavorable energies and, instead of attracting money, bring all kinds of trouble!

The basics of Feng Shui for money

At the heart of the “financial” Feng Shui philosophy lies the belief that vital energy, Chi, flows through our environment, directly influencing our ability to unlock the gates of abundance.

Feng Shui for prosperity goes far beyond the simple accumulation of material wealth. Rather, it aims to establish a harmonious balance between the tangible and the intangible. In other words, it’s about creating an environment conducive to the fluid circulation of Chi, in the appropriate areas of the Bagua, thus promoting growth in every sense of the word.

Feng Shui teaches us that money, as energy, is in constant circulation. If energy is blocked or stagnant in a space, so too are the finances associated with that space. Introducing a fluid flow of energy, on the other hand, paves the way for financial opportunities and economic growth.

Prosperity zones in the home

At the heart of Feng Shui, as you know, lies a precious map known as the Bagua, which functions like an energy compass. By sectorizing our habitat, it helps us understand that different areas bring different energies. By exploring these areas with a particular intention linked to the pursuit of prosperity, we can attract money in a significant way.

The Bagua divides space into nine zones, each associated with a trigram and therefore a type of energy.

For the 8 Aspirations School, each zone manages a specific aspect of our lives. When it comes to attracting wealth, this is the South-East zone.

To activate this zone, it’s essential to maintain a harmonious energy balance, notably through color, materials and decorative elements.

And this is where some articles recommend the use of red, as it’s a symbol of vitality and prosperity. Now, if you read this blog regularly, you know that the South-East zone is nourished by Wood. And therefore controlled by Fire! So putting a whole bunch of red elements in the South-East is not a good idea at all!

For the Ba Zhai school, the money-making zone is not necessarily associated with the Southeast. This will only be the case if your Kua Number or that of the house is 1!

In fact, depending on your date of birth, you’ll get personalized zones in the house, and your “Scheng Chi” zone will be the one to take particular care of if you want to attract more money into your life. To harmonize this zone, you’ll need to use the colors and materials required by the compass school: Fire in the South, Metal in the West, Wood in the East, etc.

Yin and Yang of Prosperity

At the heart of Feng Shui lies the ancient wisdom of the Tao, that of Yin and Yang, two complementary forces that form the dynamic balance of the universe. In the financial context, harmonizing these opposing energies is essential for cultivating prosperity.

Yin, represented by more feminine and receptive aspects, is embodied in the notion of investment. It’s the principle of growing our wealth by planting seeds today that will bear fruit tomorrow. Investments, whether financial, educational or relational, symbolize Yin in financial management.

Yang, on the other hand, embodies more active, masculine aspects, manifested in the economy and the preservation of wealth. This is the aspect of financial management that involves saving, establishing reserves and exercising prudent control over spending. Yang represents financial stability and security.

The harmonious balance between these opposing forces is the key. Too much investment can lead to financial imbalances, while excessive savings without investment can hamper growth. My aim here is to highlight the need for a balance between these two forces to promote harmonious and, above all, sustainable prosperity.

10 tips to attract money

  • Create a welcoming entrance: A beautiful entrance attracts positive energy, Chi. Make sure the entrance to your home is well-lit, clean and welcoming. Place positive decorative elements, such as healthy plants or pictures inspiring abundance, to stimulate energy as it enters your home.
  • Avoid Clutter: Clutter can block the flow of energy. Tidy up your space regularly, getting rid of unnecessary objects. A tidy environment promotes a clear mind and opens the way to financial opportunities.
  • Opt for decluttering: Practice decluttering, especially in wealth-related areas. Free the space from superfluous objects and especially from those that don’t bring you anything. Not only does this allow energy to flow freely, it also symbolically makes room: to bring money in, you have to bring something out.
  • Use Symbols of Prosperity: Incorporate symbols of wealth, such as piggy banks, Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon, horns of plenty or counterfeit banknotes in a glass container… If you prefer the 3-legged toad, it’s up to you! These symbols reinforce the energy of prosperity.
  • Add Yang Water: A moving water fountain or aquarium radiates energies favorable to cash inflows. But don’t just place a fountain in your wealth zone to activate positive financial energy! Moving water is powerful. It’s best to leave it alone if you don’t know how to deal with flying stars.
  • Watch out for water leaks: Water leaks symbolize financial loss. Fix any leaking faucets or pipes quickly to avoid unnecessary loss of money and maintain a positive energy flow. Even a small drip counts! And in a very real sense, it will reduce your bill anyway!
  • Encourage Natural Light: A well-lit home is conducive to positive energy. Use light curtains and bright colors to maximize natural light. Clean your windows regularly.
  • Incorporate Indoor Plants: Healthy plants purify the air and attract a growing ci. Choose plants with lush, rounded leaves; avoid cacti. Track down any diseased plants. And avoid fake plastic plants or dried flowers.
  • For colors and materials, as I said earlier, harmonize the pieces according to the bagua sector in which they are located. Red is only for the South or Earth zones (South-West, North-East and Central).
  • Finally, in China, a powerful symbol of prosperity is a bowl of citrus fruit placed on the dining table, usually oranges because in Chinese it’s pronounced almost the same as Scheng, meaning success and prosperity. At home, I mix them with lemons, so I always have enough for a lemon cure … or a negroni! 😉

To go further

Sometimes you do all this and the money still doesn’t arrive. Or it comes in, but goes straight out in the form of unexpected expenses! And why is that? Because of locked houses!

In feng shui, every house has an energy diagram that dictates its potential, whether in terms of finances, relationships or health. Your house may have a money lock!

I can help you to unlock this !

Finally, in addition to these natal stars (which never change), there are annual stars that can also be exploited!

For several years now, I’ve been applying advanced feng shui techniques to help bring in money. And it works pretty well! Some of my friends say we’re really “lucky”! I just know how to make it happen! I still can’t believe I flew 23 hours in business class to spend a whole month in Polynesia! 😉

Share the good vibrations of Feng Shui :)

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