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Hello! Although we are in 2023 since January 1st according to the Gregorian calendar, I explained in my article on the year 2023 of the water rabbit that the Chinese new year would only start on January 22nd. That’s this Sunday! It’s time to review the flying stars to see which stars will be in which zones this year. Knowing that in theory, the stars will actually fly on the first day of the solar calendar, which is February 4 😉. But first, a little theoretical reminder…

The Feng Shui School of Flying Stars

I often explain to my clients that the analysis of the flying stars is one of the most complex parts of the feng shui expertise I offer. It is thanks to this school that the temporal dimension (date of construction or date of moving in) meets the spatial dimension (cardinal orientation of the house).

In the report I give them, I detail the stars zone by zone: the north sector, the west sector, the north west, etc. There are 3 in each sector. There are 3 stars in each sector: the time star, the front star and the sitting star. I first give the meaning of the star combination, and then, with the help of the Chinese 5-element cycle, I look at whether or not the representation is favourable.

In this case it is the flying stars of the natal chart, i.e. the energy map of the habitat. This map does not change, it is defined once and for all, unless work or other exceptional circumstances change the time period.

Every year, every month and even every day, other stars fly. These diagrams are therefore added to the previous analysis.

The annual flying stars 2023

When we say that the stars fly, it means that they change place in the squares of the LoShu square: it’s a game of musical chairs in the house! But you can imagine that for the sciences of Chinese metaphysics, there are rules to the game… They do not move randomly: the numbers (from 1 to 9) follow each other with the years in descending order.

The starting point is the number in the central palace, which corresponds to the year. To determine this, all the digits of the current year are added together and simplified to a single number. Then subtract the result from the number 11.
Thus in 2023: 2+0+2+3 =7 so 11-7 = 4.
This is the 4 that is in the central palace for this year of the hare.
The other stars then rotate in the same sequence as the time star of the natal stars.

Here are the positions of the stars in the different sectors in 2023:

Why should we know the position of the stars?

What is the purpose of knowing the position of the annual flying stars in the sectors of the house?
It is important for feng shui because these stars can affect the home in three ways:

  • they can change the existing relationship between the stars in the natal chart.
  • they can activate a combination if its element creates that of the front or seat star in question.
  • they can also assist the initial stars if they belong to the same element (water, earth, fire, metal or wood).

The annual (and even monthly and daily) stars combine with the stars of the initial diagram, but have less influence on the areas of life.

The number that expresses the identity of the star is to be related to the trigrams. They each have a particular personality type, a particular type of chi.

The Feng Shui expert, by determining where the star is located for the new year, will check if it is necessary to provide remedies or on the contrary an activator, to take advantage of this change of energies within the home. 

Stars with favourable influences

1 – The celestial gift star: in the southwest

Star 1 becomes increasingly strong as we approach period 9 (2024). This star brings energies of victory and success. It offers great opportunities, sharpens the entrepreneurial vision and boosts ambition. Its water element also manages thoughts and emotions.
It is strengthened by the elements Water and Metal.

4 – The Star of Success: in the centre

It governs relationships, romance and love. It promotes networking, alliances and partnerships. This year, it is better to co-create and work as a team than to go it alone. It is also favourable for students because it gives them great learning energies.
It is activated with the elements Wood and Water.

6 – The Celestial Star: in the West

It brings all its blessings, but with subtlety. It is necessary to be attentive to opportunities and changes. It brings help through mentors or fruitful encounters. But the achievements will come from taking action, you must get to work.
It is strengthened by the elements Metal and Earth.

8 – The Prosperity Star: in the South

Ah, this one rules wealth and prosperity. Finding it in the south this year is excellent news (as the fire of the south feeds the earth of the 8th!). Do not hesitate to make the area yang (clock, music, open window…)
It is therefore reinforced with Earth and Fire elements.

9 – The multiplicative star: in the north

Since we are soon in period 9, this star is gaining momentum. It brings promotions, popularity, marriages, partnerships… Its multiplier side applies to the monthly stars that will visit its sector.
It is reinforced with Fire and Wood elements.

Stars with unfavourable influences

These stars are not bad in themselves, it is just that they are no longer of their time and that in period 8 or 9, it is their bad sides that come out…

2 – The star of disease: in the east

As its name indicates, it brings health problems, but also losses of money (for real estate investments in particular)…
It is controlled with Metal and Wood. Avoid the elements Fire and Earth. It will affect people whose Chinese astrological sign is that of the year 2023: the hare (or the rabbit) all the more.

3 – The Star of Disputes: in the South East

Bad luck, quarrels, lawsuits, loss of money… I grant you, this star is not very cool.
Control it with Fire and Metal. Avoid the elements Water and Wood.

5 – The star of bad luck: in the north west

It is also called the yellow 5. Frankly, it is not nice either as it brings bad luck and bad news. This is the area considered the most unfavourable in the habitat this year. It is best to avoid this area if possible, but especially not to undertake any renovation work.
Control it with Metal, salt cures and wood. Avoid the elements Fire and Earth.

7 – The star of violence: in the north east

It brings volatile emotions, disputes, theft, injuries, fire risks… So take precautions and be even more careful than usual if this zone is activated in your home (front door, couple’s bedroom, office…).
Control it with Fire and Water. Avoid the elements Earth and Metal.

The afflictions in 2023

In addition to the Yellow Five (Wu Wang) there are three other afflictions: the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui), the Year Breaker (Sui Po) and the 3 killers (San Sha). 

As with the stars, each year they move into the sectors of the house.

Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) is the God of the Year. In 2023, it is therefore the Hare (Mao). He sits in E2 (82.5 – 97.5°). You should therefore avoid disturbing him with work, new developments or even loud Chopin. You should not face him. To get his support, you should prefer the O2 orientation (262.5 – 277.5°) where his enemy the Rooster is located.

As a result, this O2 sector contains what is called the Breaker of the Year (Sui Po). Similarly, you should avoid making too much noise in this sector, whether by renovations, new developments or wild parties.

In 2023, the 3 killers (San Sha) cover the western sector, i.e. they extend from 247.5° to 292.5°. Likewise, work in this area should be avoided. Their effects can be limited by the Earth (which destroys the North Water) and by the wood (which solicits the water).

It is important to take these afflictions into account when planning your work. If you really don’t have a choice of area, you can find possible dates in the almanac to start the work. This requires a personalised date selection expertise.

étoiles 2023
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  1. Thank you for the simple answer. If I could remember the stars, their native homes, native elements and all the interactions, I would not be looking online for help. This article gives me the simple answer, how is it strengthened and how to weaken.

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