I have tested the wood effect paint

To give furniture a new look at a lower cost, it is sometimes necessary to find little tricks. Generally, when I want to refresh a piece of melamine furniture or adapt it to the new colors of the room, I use a special undercoat that allows me to paint over it despite the slippery and satiny side of melamine.

For the furniture in my son’s room, I tested the wood effect paint from Maison Déco. I must say that the result is quite impressive, without the implementation being very complicated.

The pot that we buy is composed of two elements: a base that we apply first, and that allows to create the veining effect, then the finish that finishes the wood aspect.
On the other hand, the packaging is to be revised because it is rather difficult to recover the second pot (under the first one) and if we opened the first one there is a risk of leakage! So I advise to separate the two pots before starting the job. 
With a flat brush (I used the brush for smooth effect adapted), make ample movements, always in the same direction (you thus choose the direction of your veining).
You must wait 12 hours between the two coats. You can accentuate the color of the wood by doing a 2nd coat of finish if needed. Here, I chose the natural wood color and I did only one finishing coat.

I did everything but the drawer fronts to test the rendering and since I liked it, I stopped there!
I applied the same method to the chest of drawers and the desk. The gesture was a little more delicate on the desk, knowing that it is more difficult not to make a recovery on the larger surfaces (especially since I worked during the heat wave, even if it was early in the morning).

Next week, I will finally show you the Before/After of the room 😉

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