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This summer I went on holiday in June and again in September. My husband and I had decided to spend July and August on our main house. The process of redecorating a whole house in Feng Shui is quite long if you decide not to do it in a “home staging” format but by carrying out a real decorative project.

Today, I’m here to show you the result of our work for my son’s bedroom. On the plan of the house, when you put the bagua on it, this room is almost entirely in the south-east sector. But as you can see from the photos, we had chosen a few years ago to do it in grey… Grey (and white), in Feng Shui, is the colour of the metal element… According to the cycles of the 5 Chinese elements, metal cuts through wood, so it is not at all recommended in the East or South-East sectors.

chambre déco grise

The colours suitable for this room are beige, brown and green. We decided to accentuate the brown, for its more masculine side. 
The wall supporting the headboard should be either the darkest or the most characteristic. So we decided to put a wall covering on it. We hesitated between wood cladding or wallpaper. When we couldn’t find a satisfactory cladding (most of them are made up of interlocking pieces of wood that are not smooth, which gives a lot of shar chi), we chose a panoramic.  But you already know that if you’ve read my article on choosing panoramic jungle wallpaper 😉

We made almost no changes to the layout as the direction of the headboard was already adapted to its Kua Number. We did, however, place the chest of drawers in the corner to detach the bed from the window wall (and thus promote relationships).
We repainted the room, laid a new parquet floor (oak), installed the panoramic and customised the existing furniture with wood effect paint.

chambre déco grise chambre feng shui zone bois

That’s it! Now you have some more ideas if you want to decorate a room that is in the East or South East zone. These are two areas that are very easy to decorate as wood colours are always in fashion and there is a lot of choice for the decorative project. However, if you need help, please contact me

avant après chambre Feng Shui
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