Feng shui trends 2023 according to your front door

Two weeks ago, I revealed the place of the flying stars 2023 in the different sectors of the house. I gave you their characteristics, the ones that are nice and that you should activate, the ones that are less nice and that you should control.

I wanted to complete today by giving you some 2023 trends, this time considering the place of your main entrance door: indeed, as you know, the entrance door is considered as the mouth of the house, it is through it that the most significant Chi enters. Depending on which star visits the area where your door is located this year, the energies will be different and so will the trends of the year.

Before going into the heart of the matter, just one clarification: do not confuse this with the Ba Zhai school of the 8 mansions, since the latter allows the House Gua to be determined according to the orientation of the seat. Here we are talking about the location of the front door in relation to the Bagua.

House with front door in northern zone

The star 9 is in the North this year. This is great news for you if the front door of your house (or the front door of the building in which your flat is located) is in the north sector when the pakua is placed on the floor plan of your home.

The star 9 brings energies of abundance, wealth, luck, social relationships, love.
For example, even if you already have a good job, this could be a good time to go and negotiate a raise. But the energy will also be favourable to those who would like to change jobs for a more remunerative or fulfilling activity.

It can also bring more inspiration to artists. If you are a creative person, this is probably the time for you to exhibit your work and show your portfolio… Your work is more likely to be recognised this year.

If you’re looking for love, the energies will be with you: go out more, make yourself beautiful, sign up on Tinder 😉. And if you already form a happy couple, don’t worry, the beautiful energies of the 9th will improve your friendly, family and professional relationships.

House with front door in southern zone

The South is also an area of wealth this year, as the star 8 is located there. So if your main doorway is in the North zone, the mouth of your home will inspire a Chi charged with the energies of prosperity and luck.

As for the North, this could result in an increase in salary (provided that you ask for it because I repeat it, feng shui is not magic, it is necessary to put it into action), a boost in the turnover of your company (if the professional premises has its door in the South zone), better returns on investments. But beware, the chances of profit are better, this does not mean that the risk is zero. Your reasoning and thinking skills must be sharp as usual.

If you are thinking to yourself: gee, I want prosperity too but my front door is not in the South! So I advise you to feed the area well, and also to wake up this star, which likes yang: moving water (aquarium, fountain), a clock, television…

House with front door in western zone

Star 6 will be welcomed in this area in 2023. It is a star that brings recognition. For example, you have been an exemplary employee for several years, a hard worker who does not count the hours. Well, this year will undoubtedly see the harvest of your efforts: they will be recognised and rewarded.

Once again, it is not a question of stopping your efforts and waiting wisely for this to happen: keep going, maintain your level of efficiency, there is always room for progress. 

The star 6 is associated with tourism, printing, academic studies and the army. So if you are in these fields, its energy will be even more powerful for you.

House with front door in eastern zone

Now, remember, this is the star 2 in the eastern zone in 2023, and it’s the star of disease, so of course it can increase the risk of health problems for everyone in the house. In general it is said that you should avoid the zone… If you only have one entrance door, it is impossible not to go through it (going through the window could also cause injury!).

It particularly affects the skin and stomach. Take good care of yourself this year, moisturise your skin, look after your diet, exercise, ok? If you are already on medication, be careful about taking it.
It is a star of earth nature, to counter it you can use metal elements (bronze, tin, iron, zinc…). If your house has a beautiful porch outside, don’t skimp on beautiful plantations, flower pots, so that a vibrating Chi accumulates there, that will compensate the uncool energies of the star.

I do have some good news for those in real estate sales or rental investments: the 2nd star loves you and can benefit your business. 

House with front door in North West

Let’s go on with the not so nice stars. Yes, the North West is hosting the famous yellow 5 this year. It’s really not cool… Like star 2, it is the Earth element so we bring metal elements to control the 5.

We avoid waking up this star. An unactivated star, asleep, does no harm. When I write these lines, images of cartoons come to mind where Big Kitty tries to tiptoe past the big bad dog… That’s exactly the idea! So we avoid making noise, it’s simple, right? If that’s where you put the cuckoo clock that rings every 3 minutes, how can I put it? You might have to find another place for it this year!

House with front door in North East

The star 7 is in the North East in 2023, it’s the star of violence and it’s associated with communication. So it can really create that kind of situation where you get so angry that you refuse to talk to each other for weeks…

It can also bring health problems so the advice is the same as for star 2: take good care of yourself! And if you feel any symptoms, go and see your doctor.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the 7 also brings an increased risk of theft and burglary. Be careful with your belongings! Don’t leave them unattended, lock your doors. And if you were hesitating to install an alarm system in your home, well, this is the right year to take the plunge.

numérologie maison

House with front door in South West

Ah, star 1! It brings good opportunities, especially with external help (mentoring, coaching, co-creations, associations…). So if the door to your home is in the South West zone of Bagua, this is great news for you.

Relationships with colleagues and bosses will be easier than usual. You will be helped in many ways to achieve your goals. For financial matters, use your skills well but don’t hesitate to listen to your inner voice, that little intuition.

House with front door in South East

If your door is in the South East, then your home is receiving the energies of the third star, the star of disputes. As its name indicates, these are not necessarily favourable energies… However, you can try to avoid unnecessary drama: don’t be a drama queen this year, let it go, don’t get into unnecessary arguments, you could get angry with your friends, colleagues or spouse…

So, as for all the unkind stars, avoid making noise in the area. If you like candles, light as many as you like in the area, or better, place an oil lamp: the idea here is to control the wood of the 3 with fire.

In conclusion, I just wanted to remind you that the yearly star in the front door area is just one of the axes of the type of Chi that bathes your home. If you sleep in a room with the beautiful sitting star 8 or 9, you may be immune to the health problems brought on by star 2, 5 or 7. We are not all equal when it comes to energies. But since prevention is better than cure, you have been warned. If you feel that from February 4 (the official day of the flight of the stars 2023), certain things are happening, you will know why and you will have levers for action!

tendances 2023 entrée

Source : Feng Shui for 2023 – Joey Yap

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