Before and after of an office – guest room

It’s been a while since I’ve shown you a ‘before/after’ and some of my readers (especially female readers, it has to be said) ask me why I don’t do them more often. So before I show you this case study, I wanted to make something useful clear: I don’t have that many under my belt, believe me!

Feng Shui is not interior design. So sometimes the changes are really minor.
Or they come several months (or even years!) after I’ve done them!
Thirdly, I mainly do remote assessments, so if my client doesn’t take before-and-after photos, I can’t show you anything!
Finally, at the moment I only have houses under construction! So there are no before and after photos!

There you go, that’s a lot of exclamation marks, but it just goes to show how excited I am to be sharing this with you!
This interior design service took place in August 2022, and the client sent me photos a year later. Simply because she took the time to make the necessary changes.

It was a decorating service on its own (I don’t do that any more), but I did suggest to my clients that they put a pakua on the plan so that I could suggest colours and materials compatible with the area. Even if they didn’t want a full appraisal, this enabled me to remain in line with my values, because I was certain that my decorative project would suit the energies of the space.

The room has two Bagua zones: North (Water element) and North West (Metal element).

The colours and materials to be favoured in the Water zone are blue, black and transparent (glass), as well as metal colours and materials (in lesser proportions).

The colours and materials to go for in the Metal zone are grey, white, gold, silver, metal objects, as well as earth colours (yellow and orange) in smaller proportions.

That’s why I suggested the mood board below, combining duck blue, white and mustard yellow.

The office room is to be fitted with a dressing area and a sofa bed for entertaining friends from time to time. In addition, the previous configuration created a problem of backlighting on the computer screen.

So here’s the layout I proposed: it solved the problem of backlighting while putting the person sitting in a better position (solid wall behind them and window in front of them). I also checked that it was possible to fold out the sofa bed from time to time, by sticking the desk against the back wall.

One year on, the decorative arrangements are not completely finished; the wall decoration in particular remains to be found.

The room is less cluttered and has regained its function, with much better circulation of the Chi.

What do you think of this transformation? Do you like it?

BUREAU AVANT bureau après 4
épingle bureau Céline
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