Feng Shui

Feng Shui: concepts and explanations

The 5 Chinese elements: wu xing

It is impossible to perform a Feng Shui expertise without understanding how the 5 Chinese elements interact with each other. This concept is called Wu Xing or, more precisely, “wu zhong liu xing zhi qi” which means “the five types of chi that predominate at different times”. According to Chinese …

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Calcul du Ming Gua

What is the kua number?

What is the Kua number? Before any analysis, the Feng Shui expert will have you fill in questionnaires… One dedicated to the house (year of construction, work already done, possible problems of leaks, cracks, etc), and one for each inhabitant of the house. In the latter, the expert asks for …

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Symbole du Chi - Aude à la Déco

The Chi

Chi, the life force Chi is the vital force at the heart of all things. It is called Ki by the Japanese, Prana by the Hindus or Pneuma by the Greeks. The most important word of my Feng Shui glossary ! For Westerners, Chi (pronounced “tchi”) is an abstract notion …

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